About Liberty Networking

Liberty Networking grows businesses by connecting entrepreneurs that promote liberty and operate with integrity!

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About the Founder

I am from Oconee, SC. My wife, Danielle, is from Central Florida. We are proud to call Upstate SC our home for more than 20 years. We have been married for over 18 years and have 4 children.

We love doing things outdoors as a family and helping at our church and local community events. My wife is a full-time mom, home school teacher, and Holy Yoga teacher. I am the fee slasher and own Upstate Merchant Advocates. You will normally find me at the local record store or a concert.

I was a member of 4 different networking groups and on the leadership team of 2 of them. I have visited many different networking groups over the years. I saw an opportunity to bring together patriots. The entrepreneurs and professional sales people that love liberty and have integrity. I am a member of Businesses For Liberty and that is what first gave me the idea to start Liberty Networking. I spoke with a few close friends, Rick Burris and Elizabeth Weaver, about the idea and they thought it could work.

I had the first LN meeting with 6 people. We kept meeting consistently and it started to grow. In about 5 months we started the second chapter and had a total of 6 chapters in the first year.

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